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VK Series Dust Collectors
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VK Series Dust Collectors

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Fewer Pulse are needed to clean the cartridge filters, so less compressed air is used. This a substantial cost saving for the customer over the life of the unit.

Viking dust collectors are engineered for powerful filtration at lower total costs. The cartridge cleaning system cleans more filter area, lengthens filter life, reduces maintenance costs, and uses less compressed air than typical backflush systems.
Viking dust collectors help you conserve costly resources. The cartridge cleaning system requires less compressed air, and each unit incorporates an energy efficient EPACT motor. The amp load is smaller, and voltage requirements are less restrictive.
Our compact design allows you to locate dust collectors in virtually any area.
Walk by a Viking dust collector, you won't hear the telltale BANG! of a competitor's cartridge cleaning system. Our cartridge cleaning system is much quieter, by up to 15 DBA, depending on the type of pulse system used.

Construction: 12 and 14 gauge steel
Paint: Industrial grade Viking blue, textured baked enamel, inside & outside
Compressed Air: Requires 90 PSI for incremental rotos
Wind Load: Rated to 100 mph
Control Panel/Electrical: All package collectors come complete with factory installed motor starter and overload protection, step-down transformer, 20 mm push button start/stop switches, solid state timer board with fuse protection
Housing Pressure: Rated to +/- 20 inches w.c.
Filtration Efficiency: 99.999% > .8 microns, 99.995% .3 to .8 microns, rated by ASHRAE 52.2 using atomite test dust
Hopper: Collection hopper is standard equipment

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